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    1 Feb 2012: Ignas Snellen awarded NWO grant to build MASCARA

    1 Dec 2011: NOVA seed-funding for MASCARA project

MASCARA: the Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA

Finding the brightest transiting planets in the sky

MASCARA is a fully funded instrument concept consisting of several stations across the globe, with each station containing a battery of cameras to monitor the near-entire sky at each location.Once all stations have been installed, MASCARA will be able to provide a nearly 24-hr coverage of the complete sky, down to magnitude 8, at sub-minute cadence. Its main purpose is to find the brightest transiting exoplanets, expected in the V=4-8 magnitude range, but the concept of MASCARA will also allow for a wealth of secondary science cases. MASCARA is expected to deliver the brightest targets for future exo-planet characterization missions like ECHO.

Publication: Snellen et al. SPIE 8444 0I (2012)